Second day in Rome

Finally the pictures of my second day in Rome. I do not explain the difficulty I had to succeed at post the photos on my blog. The problems started because of my netbook. The battery charger on my computer is broken since I'm here. So I wanted to buy another in Rome, but it is impossible to find a charger for mini pc! Fortunately the hotel has a computer but no SD card slot for loading photos. Florian has finally managed to put my computer in a certain position to re-operate the battery. And there ... No more internet! Arhhhhh! After a few mishaps, I can finally share with you my photos of Rome. So I hope you will love them because I had a lot of trouble to do it ahahah ...

On the fashion side, I wear jumpsuit from Sheinside! If you like it, you can win $ 100 in my contest of the week to complement your dressing on Sheinside.

Top Stradivarius
Overalls Sheinside
Shoes Babou


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