May 2013

Pink daddy

Today I'm dressed all in black with pink accents. This reminds me of Pink Daddy. I am a fan of this ad!  

Top Asos
Pink Shirt Kiabi
Shorts Kiabi (2012)
Shoes Sanrenza 



I never left my umbrella with this time as in November. I think I'm not the only one eh! There is something else that I never left: my blue bag so chic found at Babou. It has plenty of pockets which allows me to be organized. Finally, my bag did not stay very long tidy. This is Flo, my fiance, ultra maniac who goes behind me to put all objects in parallel in my bag. It's an endless game between him and me!

Combinaison-short Oasis
Gilet h&m
Chaussures Kiabi
Sac Babou 

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Jeans replay

You rarely see me in jeans. Yet in less than a week I wore it more than once. What happens to me? I've always been afraid of jeans just because when you start to wear them, you can not do without them. It's so easy: you take your jeans, a top, and voila! Just look on the street how many people wear jeans. I would say at least 7 out of 10. It is for this reason that I delete my dressing room of all traces of jeans. This is a useful way to grow their brains to find a little more original look. I'm not saying there are no very original jeans. Anyway, you understand me, huh! This story to say that sometimes I relapse and as a result I want to annoy you through with my jeans: jeans, jeans, jeans! Hahaha!

Top Tati
Gilet Bonobo 
Jeans Zara
Belt Newlook
Shoes Mim 

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