July 2013

Assessment of pharmaceutical cosmetics

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I'm a fan of fashion at low prices, but concerning the makeup I have a very different vision. I think the quality between cosmetics varies considerably across prices and brands.

So I tried pharmaceutical cosmetics from the online drugstore PowerSanté especially a porcelain foundation from Couvrance to and a pink gloss from Revlon.

Here's what I think:

I often criticizes the foundation "low cost"

- To fade during the day
- To dry out the skin
- To make a crackle effect to our skin
- To have a tendency to yellow on some area of the face

But this foundation from a pharmacy can resolve all of these problems. It is indeed designed to moisturize the face and make the complexion uniform throughout the day.

As for the gloss, the "low cost" tend to make the pasty lips a few minutes after application. Regarding my gloss bought in online pharmacy, it has a better resistance than most gloss "low cost". Its color is just perfect with this very girly and sexy pink. I appreciate it especially because when it fades with time, it leaves me hydrated lips.

So in summary, YES! there is a strong difference between pharmaceutical cosmetics and makeup "low cost". After that, everything depends on the brand and what we are looking for ...

You are rather pharmaceutical cosmetic or "low cost makeup"?


My weekend in spa

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To relax at two, nothing better than a weekend in Spa. Jacuzzi, spa, steam room, herbal teas, robes and relaxing break, I'll let you discover my weekend. To find short stays in Spa near you, I recommend you to visit the world of Allo Thalasso.
Good cure ...

Swimsuit Calzedonia
Suit Public magazine
Shoes Asos
Belt H&m
Sunglasses Vogue on Misterspex


La Roche Posay

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Before the sun going down, here I offer you some photos taken in La Roche Posay on a well flowered bridge. This town is tiny but so cute. I finally saw the city known for its pure waters that gave birth to the brand that everyone knows!
See you tomorrow to discover my day in Thalasso ...

Body Bershka
Shorts Zara
Shoes Asos
Sac Fossil (available in white here)
Bracelets H&m + Karuni 


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