My terrible experience of tie and dye

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I wanted to try the famous tie-dye effect on my hair. As soon as the appointment made, I am in torture room: haircut. Yes I hate my visit to the hairdressers because I still have problems with them. I explain what I want: a tie and dye well pronounced with a very intense full-length blond hair. The hairdresser already told me the amount I have to pay: € 78. Ok, it's expensive, but I am determined to do so... She makes me a first color, I see no difference with my current hair color. Well it does not matter the tie and dye is not yet realized. She applies the tie and dye on my hair by creping like a crazy. After 15 minutes, she is ready to rinse off. Uh, but you're sure this is just 15 minutes! After one half of my hair in the brush, she begins to tell me that I better will see the blond after several shampoos and the effect of the sun. I realized she had completely failed the tie and dye when she said these words. She finished by the brushing and, surprise ... I am 100% as before, or rather 90% because I'm missing a lot of hair. She find some excuses as my hair was too damaged to make a strong blond ... Of course, however, she tried to sell me their products that supposedly would repair my hair. She wanted to see me back in September to remake the tie and dye more intense. She wants me to be a loyal customer, I'm dreaming!!! So I went with my very broken hair, a simple clearer reflection, and a nice note of € 78. I think I really have no luck with hairdressers. The worst part is that she told me from the start: "Do not realize a tie and dye in supermarket! A hairdresser is a hairdresser, as a plumber is a plumber.". Well, I think she did not choose the right job ... Next time, I will do as always: all alone!!

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