My outfit for my fiance's birthday

tenue rouge et blanche pour noel

Yesterday was the big day: the birthday of my fiance! As I told you, I've been sick for a few days, so I could not dress with a sexy outfit. So I celebrated the event with a big hat and a chunky knit pullover. It was more reminiscent of the spirit of Christmas with red and white clothes! So now I can tell you the surprise that I have prepared for him! However, I told him that we would go to a restaurant for the occasion. It was 8:20 p.m., we have arrived at the restaurant. The woman brings us into a room, and there ... Surprise: a large table where all his friends gathered just for him! One person was missing: his best friend! Then a hand comes to rest on his shoulder, he turns and sees his best friend also present! They hugged with tears streaming down their faces. It was so cute ...

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l'anniversaire surprise du chéri

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Pullover Mim
Pants Stradivarius
Trench Zara
Hat H&m


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