My first light blue coat!

manteau laine coton bleu clair choies

I see all these wool coats in pastel colors in magazines. They are beautiful and change of the classic black trench coat that we used to find in winter. In addition, I was looking for a light blue coat, but apparently it is not to the taste of everyone because I can tell you that in France, my research was a ehec. This is in China, on the Choies shop that I finally found my happiness. The Internet is really my best friend when I can not find my desires of the moment. A click or two and the world is ahead of us!

les manteaux à la mode en 2014 bleu ciel en  laine

j'ai ratée ma coloration maison blonde

la porte cloutée et look à la mode

lili mode

mode de lili

le manteau bleu en laine

Manteau Choies
Robe Babou
Gants Marks & Spencer
Collier Stradivarius


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