In the schoolyard

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I am very nostalgic today because I made this photo shoot in a schoolyard. I am 22 years old and this is my last year of study. In January, I will no longer on the benches of the school. It's sad because it happened so quickly! I still see my parents tell me to enjoy my childhood because life flashes so quickly. I did not believe them and of course I wanted one thing when I was a kid, do as the women walk with heels, have a purse, make-up, etc.. And now? Today I dream to relive my years of schoolgirl!

escarpins peau de serpent marron
dernière année à l'école
photo shooting de mode dans une école
look féminin idéal pour une journée au travail
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Top Asos
Blazer H&m
Pants Babou

Shoes Kiabi

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