How to take great photos for a fashion blog

comment faire de belles photos de mode pour son blog

A little thing can change the mood of a photo fashion. For example here the pictures were taken against the light to give the effect of sunset. Based on this reflection I wondered how to make beautiful fashion photos for my blog. The first thing is to have a Reflex camera. I went through the point and shoot camera and the bridge camera, but the best of the best is the SLR.  The sets have a key role, but we've already talked about here... 

I will finish by saying a few words about the photographer. I think like all businesses, it is necessary to have some talent to become a photographer. I was lucky to have my darling Florian who has such a talent. Actually his talent began with my blog, developed and grew along with the development of the blog. In addition to being a full-time darling, it is also an excellent photographer of my fashion blog. It is wonderful to share these moments and you enjoy them through photography and fashion. I thank him very, very hard for his beautiful photographs he made daily!

On average, my photo sessions have a duration between 10 and 20 minutes, it's very fast and inexpensive.

So if I were to summarize how to make beautiful fashion photos for a blog I would say: a good friend / photographer with whom you are comfortable and a Reflex camera with a lens that is suited to your own photo style.

So your turn to play!

Come share your experiences as a photographer or model on my Facebook page.

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