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I have many things to tell you. First of all, I came back from Barcelona, and guess what? My return is even more difficult because the weather is poor here. Fortunately, plenty of other destinations await me this summer vacation. I leave Saturday on a trip!
I visited still full of awesome places in Barcelona, but I'm stupid enough to forget my memory card from my camera at the hotel. So I do not have more pictures of Barcelona to show you, the loose!

But I can tell you the end of my stay ... After visiting the "Sagrada Familia" and the typical Spanish streets, I went to the trendy nightclub near the beach called "Opium" on Saturday night. It was very nice except that I ended my evening at 7 am and at noon I had to leave the hotel room. I have not had time to sleep. Nothing serious, but on Sunday night I could not sleep either because my bus to the airport was at 4am. Basically I have not slept for 72 hours, which is why my face looks very very tired in today's photos.

I keep the best information to the end. I have just added a great pair of sunglasses to my collection! These are Vogue, they have all the features I wanted. In fact, I wanted glasses that are transparent enough to see my eyes. I find it so original and stylish. Anyway that's my opinion. Okay I admit it's not the best day to wear them because my eyes are very tired! But they are so gorgeous! I found them on Misterspex after having tried virtually on me.

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Le blog mode de Lili

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Le blog mode de Lili

Necklace Secrets de cailloux
Shoes Babou
Sunglasses Vogue on Misterspex
Bag Fossil (Available in white here)


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