Funny bells!

Currently, facing my computer, I have a surfeit of chocolates. The bells gave me too much kinder. We are so greedy Florian and me, we offered our chocolates on Friday. We hid the chocolates in the house for a treasure hunt worthy of Easter. My fiance is not very nice, he had hidden all the chocolates in height so that I can not access them. This is a bad player, he was afraid that I find all my eggs before his own. It only remained to find a chocolate each. We knew that the last was in the bedroom. We tried both for a long time without finding it. At the end, there was only one hiding place to find my Easter. The place where I had hidden the chocolate for him ... I do not know how we could do it, but we hid our last chocolate in the same place without realizing it. The bells are malignant!

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