From darkness to light

I'm really happy to present this photo shoot dear to my heart! You can not even imagine how I'm pressed to read your comments about your impressions. It all started with a compact camera at the lowest price, then my fiance has evolved as a photographer at the same time as my blog.Rather than a hobby for him, it is primarily a way to make me happy and contribute to my passion for my blog. At each shoot, we look at the pictures that seem good, and which are to be discarded. And with time, we have improved to find the right balance. When I see the beginning of my blog, I am ashamed, I almost want to erase everything. But I tell myself that I can not deny the beginning of this adventure. Some of you will say that they prefer the time before with more amateur pictures and a more spontaneous girl, but unfortunately for them, I advance slowly towards something that fits me the most.

Why did this photo shoot is important to me? Just as I imagine it in my little head for a long time, without having the courage, boldness and talent to achieve it. Whether Florian, or myself we made this photo shoot in 20 minutes and this is the result. To be honest, he did a great job. I really wanted to congratulate this amateur photographer who shares my life and contributes every day to feed the blog of those magical photos. And trust me it is not always easy! So to thank him, I would like all the comments in this article are in his honor, I think nothing could make him happier! We often forget the work involved behind the scenes ... Only this little article to switch him from darkness to light!

And if you like my make-up, it is a total look from Clarins, makeup accompanying me everyday.


Top Kiabi
Necklace Newlook
Rings Italy 


Eye shadow CLarins
Sun powder Clarins
Lipstick Clarins (Coral pink n°8)
Lip balms Clarins


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