Blog mode de Lili celebrates its 2nd birthday

I created my fashion blog 2 years ago. I do not understand how it became what it is today to finally become a part of my life. This year has been focused on trying to find out where I wanted to go with this blog. And I think I found a perfect balance today!

If I had to choose four things that impressed me most this year in my life as a blogger, it would be:

The fashion blog Lili became a business.

Only 22 years old I had to learn to become an entrepreneur. Between bills, partnerships, accounting, ... I can tell you that this experience makes it grow! Lot of work but so many wonderful things that happen to me.

My transition from blonde to brown

This year was the year of change even for my hair. And yet I am still unable to tell you what color the most pleased me. Today, I miss my brown hair, but when I was darker, I did miss my blond hair more!

Investing in my first SLR camera.

Although le blog mode de Lili was born 2 years ago, I can tell you that for me it began to live as soon as I had got my new camera. Unrivaled with the beginning, and I'm so happy!

An email box flooded with messages, exceptional partnerships and a huge dressing: Here my new life as a fashion blogger.

I am fortunate to work with many brands that spoil me clothes and accessories: a princess dream! They let me choose what I want to wear not to distort my style so that I can open out me!

And now?

The blog will continue to evolve and become more and more my daily! Pictures in the streets of Paris, even more outstanding partnerships, many surprises that I reserve you: looking forward to live this new year with you! I really hope to inspire you with the outfits that I offer every day. For me, my blog, aims to demonstrate that it is possible to dress trendy, elegant and feminine, while maintaining a budget. I love to read all the fine words you leave me. Finally, I hope to be equal to your expectations and not disappoint you by the path I will borrow for the rest of the adventure on the blog mode Lili. Thank you to you!

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